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Stimulus Checks and Obama Voters?

Seems kinda funny how bureaucracy can inadvertently tell the truth without realizing it.  Seems I may have found the proof that there were too many voters in the election  of Obama.  Seems that some people are now getting stimulus checks who aren’t even eligible.  What would make them ineligible?  How about lack of life.  Yep.  Being dead.

So dead people are receiving government stimulus checks.  And in at least one case, a person who died in Italy and was never eligible for Social Security received a check.

And I can’t help but wonder if he voted for Obama, thanks probably to ACORN.   And the next logical question becomes how many others and which ones…

Thousands of Americans are receiving federal stimulus checks in the mail, this week. Only problem: many of them are deceased.

Recently, a Long Island, New York woman was shocked when she checked the mail and received a letter from the U.S. Treasury — but it wasn’t for her.

Antoniette Santopadre of Valley Stream was expecting a $250 stimulus check. But when her son finally opened it, they saw that the check was made out to her father, Romolo Romonini, who died in Italy 34 years ago.

Romonini was a U.S. citizen when he left for Italy in 1933, but only returned to the U.S. for a seven-month visit in 1969.

The Santopadres are not alone. The Social Security Administration, which sent out 52 million checks, said some of those checks mistakenly went to dead people because the agency had no record of their death. That amounts to between 8,000 and 10,000 checks for millions of dollars.

The feds blame a rushed schedule, because all the checks have to be cut by June. But strangely, some of the checks were made out to people — like Romonini — who were never even part of the Social Security system.


May 15, 2009 - Posted by | Politics, World News

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