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Green Scam 2

OK, so a couple of days after my first post on the Green Scam I find the following  articles:
Heaviest Snow in 18 Years Brings Much of Europe to a Halt

and the forecast from February 4,2009:

Chill all the way to Florida
Tom Moore, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel
Feb. 3, 2009 8:42 pm ET
In the wake of the southern New England snow and wind event, the Northeast will be left with scattered snow showers on Wednesday. A weak storm system over North Carolina by Wednesday morning may send some snow over the lower Chesapeake Bay and the southern Del-Mar-VA Peninsula. Wind chills will be low with temperatures forecast to range from the mid-teens in areas near the Canadian border to the upper 30s in south-central Virginia.
Much of the Midwest will be quite cold and windy on Wednesday with scattered snow showers extending from the Great Lakes southward into eastern Kentucky and the central Appalachians.  Lake-effect snow will continue overnight across portions of northern Indiana just south of Lake Michigan. Several more inches are likely to fall. This activity will gradually diminish by morning. Gusty southerly winds on the Great Plains will drive temperatures up to near or above average. High temperatures will range from the single digits on parts of Michigan’s U.P. to the low 60s in far western Kansas.
An Arctic cold front will sweep down through Florida on Wednesday leading to a very cold Wednesday night. Light snow will continue across the southern Appalachians through Wednesday. Some overnight and early morning snow, with light accumulations are likely in the Raleigh, N.C., to the Norfolk, Va., corridor. Above average temperatures will prevail across the southern Plains and Texas, however. Highs will range from the mid- and 20s in central and eastern Tennessee and the southern Appalachians to the mid-70s in extreme southern Texas.
High pressure aloft will hang on for another day across the West. The result will be dry conditions. All of that will change by Thursday as a storm system pushes into California. The parched state will at least see some much needed rain into Saturday. High temperatures range from the 20s in the northern Washington Cascades and Glacier National Park to the low 80s in parts of Southern California and southwest Arizona.

There have been a lot of stories this winter about how cold it is.  And there is one on how sunny Florida is expected to have record cold.  Many other places are having a record cold this year too.  Has anyone informed Al Gore or the rest of the eco-scammers?  Oh, that’s right, they’ve started changing their ritualistic religious mantra.  The  environmental scammers have started calling the scam “climate change” in stead of “global warming”.  Le’s look at that for a second, shall we?  What is “climate change”?  Wouldn’t the yearly season changes of spring, summer, fall, and winter, qualify as a “climate change”?   I think it would.  Don’t believe me, grab a dictionary and start reading.  Look up the definitions of the words climate and change.  These people like to redefine things to fit their needs.  But the twisting of the English language and misuse of wording is another rant for another time.

Here are some of the things that these people don’t take into account when they start their “climate change” scam conversations:

  • What are the Earth’s weather and climate trends for the last 500 years?  How about 1,000, years?  5,000 years? or 10,000 years?  We don’t have a clue.  Why, because the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Mayan or any other ancient culture didn’t keep records.  But these scammers would have us believe that their predictions for the next 20 to 50 years are absolutely correct even though they have no clue about what long term cycles the Earth’s climate may have.

Enough ranting about the Green scam for now.  I’ll just leave these links here for those that are interested in additional information.

Freezing Temperatures Follow Al Gore to Harvard!

More Inconvenient Truths for Al Gore and the rest of the enviro-scammers.,05394.cfm


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