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While nobody is looking…

During the inauguration of the United States of America’s 44th President Barrack Obama, while no one is looking and the media is flooded with coverage of the event and every possible detail, the Washington Post decides to publish this article about a massive data breach where millions of credit card transactions may have been compromised.  Why post this during the inauguration?  Couldn’t they have posted this the day after so that other news agencies and media outlets could pickup the story and get the word out that the compromise of a credit card processing company had happened?

Well, the short version is Heartland Payment Systems was infected with a sniffer application on their network and had millions of transaction recorded.
“Brian Krebs over at the Washington Post just published a story that Heartland Payment Systems disclosed what may be the largest data breach in history. Today. During the inauguration. Heartland processes over 100 million transactions a month, mostly from small to medium-sized businesses, and doesn’t know how many cards were compromised. The breach was discovered after tracing fraud in the system back to Heartland, and involved malicious software snooping their internal network. I’ve written some additional analysis on this and similar breaches. It’s interesting that the biggest breaches now involve attacks installing malicious software to sniff data — including TJX, Hannaford, Cardsystems, and now Heartland Payment Systems.”


January 21, 2009 - Posted by | General Computer Tech, Politics, Security, World News

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